CubePDF series English editions are ready

CubePDF English edition

The Cube series have been targeted at Japanese users, and the display language has been mostly Japanese only. As for the CubePDF series, CubePDF 1.0.0RC16 and CubePDF Utility 0.5.0β supported English notation in the application GUI and installer, respectively. However, many parts of these applications, including the Web pages, were still written in Japanese, so they were not fully supported in English.

Today, all elements of CubePDF and CubePDF Utility, including the application GUI, installer, update notifications, download Web pages, and Web documents, are now available in English. Also, we plan to support the remaining software as sequentially as possible so that as many users as possible will be able to use it.

URL of the Web documents

The Web documents of the Cube series are currently assigned to the following three types of domains.

When you access the docs sub-domain, you will be automatically redirected to either the Japanese or English edition, depending on the language of your Web browser. Therefore, for example, if you want to view the English edition of a document in a Japanese Web browser, or vice versa, please access it directly from the ja/en sub-domain.