CubePDF Utility 2.5.0 or later

CubePDF Utility

CubePDF Utility 2.5.0 has been released (Download page). The updates are as follows.

  • Fix sub-windows to be resizable.
  • Improve implementation for copying and moving files.
  • Update iText to 8.0.1.
  • Update PDFium to Chromium 116 compatible.

Updates for CubePDF Utility 2.5.1 or later

The updates for CubePDF Utility 2.5.1 or later are as follows. For CubePDF Utility users, please download the latest installer from Download Page and update by overwrite installation. The source code can be available from our repository on GitHub.

2.5.1 (2023-09-16)

  • Update PDFium to Chromium 117 compatible.