CubePDF 1.6.0


CubePDF 1.6.0 has been released (Download Page).

In this version, we have updated to Ghostscript 9.55.0. Ghostscript has a major update in 9.55.0, and CubePDF 1.6.0 also activates this update (see Changes to the PDF Interchange). We have not found any inconveniences caused by the major update as far as we have tested it in our development environment, but we plan to observe the impact of this change for a while.

In addition to the above, we have applied the fixes made in CubePDF Utility 1.6.1 and CubePDF Page 3.6.0 to CubePDF. For more information about the fixes, please refer to CubePDF Utility 1.6.1 for details.

For CubePDF users, please download the latest installer from Download Page and update by overwrite installation.