CubePDF Utility has reached 5 million downloads

Cumulative number of downloads

In October 2021, the cumulative number of downloads of CubePDF Utility reached 5 million. Looking at the cumulative downloads of the four main products in the Cube series, CubePDF stands out, but CubePDF Utility has been gaining a lot of momentum in the past few years. In particular, Cube series paid version (Japanese) has more orders than CubePDF.

CubePDF Utility

CubePDF Utility is an editing application that allows you to merge, extract, remove, reorder, rotate PDF pages through thumbnails displayed on the window. It also allows you to edit PDF metadata and encryption (security) settings of PDF files.

CubePDF Utility graduated from the beta version to the stable version in March 2021 after a major update in August 2018. It is the most difficult application among the four main products in the Cube series to implement the GUI part. We are very happy that many users are now using this application.

With the recent release of CubeICE 1.0.0, all of the four main products in the Cube series have graduated from the beta version and are ready to continue development as stable versions. As for the CubePDF Utility, a cycle of mutual improvement is being established by sharing many of the programs with CubePDF Page.

We will continue to improve the Cube series in general, including the four main products CubePDF, CubePDF Utility, CubePDF Page, CubeICE. Thanks for your continued support.