Inserting and removing PDF pages with CubePDF Utility


Insert menu

CubePDF Utility allows you to insert the following files into a PDF file.

To insert a file, specify the insertion position using the one of following four menus displayed in the upper menu or context menu.

  • Insert or Insert behind selected position
  • Insert at the begining
  • Insert at the end
  • Insert at other position

When Insert at other position is selected, the following dialog will be displayed to set the insertion position and the files to be inserted. Otherwise, a system dialog for selecting files will be displayed.

Insert at other position

In addition, CubePDF Utility can also insert PDF files by pages. To insert a page by page, first open both the source and destination PDF files in CubePDF Utility. Then, Drag&Drop the thumbnail images of the pages you want to insert.

Insert by Drag&Drop


Remove menu

The Remove menu allows you to remove some pages of an opened PDF file. When you select Remove or Remove the selected pages menu, the currently selected pages on the main window will be removed. Also, if you select the Remove other pages menu, the following dedicated dialog will be displayed.

Remove other pages

Target pages should contain the range of pages to be removed. The allowed characters are numbers, "," (comma), and "-" (hyphen) (e.g. 1,2,4,7-9).