Extracting PDF pages with CubePDF Utility

Extract menu

CubePDF Utility allows you to extract any page in a PDF file and save it in the following file formats.

  • PDF
  • PNG (Bitmap image file)

Note that if you select the Extract or Extract the selected pages menu, the saved format will be PDF. If you want to extract in PNG format, please make the necessary settings in the following dialog after selecting the Extract with other settings menu.

Extract with other settings

In the Save path section of the dialog, set the path where the extracted results will be saved. For Format section, you can select either PDF or PNG. If you select PNG, you can set the DPI. This value is used to determine the size (width and height) of the PDF content when it is converted to bitmap format. For example, if you want to convert an A4 size PDF file, the width and height will be as follows, depending on the DPI setting.

  • 72dpi ... 595 × 842
  • 96dpi ... 793 x 1122
  • 144dpi ... 1190 x 1684
  • 300dpi ... 2479 x 3508

For Target pages, select from Selected pages, All pages, or Specified range. When Specified range is selected, the text box at the bottom will contain the range of pages to be extracted. The allowed characters are numbers, "," (comma), and "-" (hyphen) (e.g., 1,2,4,4). 1,2,4,7-9).

If the Save as a separate file per page option is enabled, for example, extracting a 10-page PDF file will generate 10 PDF files. In this case, the file name of each generated PDF file will be the one specified in Save path with a number added. For example, if you specify the file name "Sample.pdf", the generated PDF files will be Sample-01.pdf, Sample-02.pdf, and so on. If you specify PNG as the format, the same behavior will occur.