CubePDF Page settings and version information

Settings dialog

Click CubePDF Page in the header section of the main window to show the CubePDF Page version information and related settings dialog.

Application settings

The Settings tab allows you to change several settings related to the behavior of CubePDF Page.

If the Shrink duplicated resources item is enabled, CubePDF Page will attempt to reduce file size by removing duplicated portions of font information and other resources as much as possible when merging multiple PDF files. Currently, there are reports that some annotations look different when this feature is enabled than they did before being combined. If you encounter such a phenomenon, please consider disabling this item.

If the Keep bookmarks of source PDF files item is enabled, the resulting merged PDF file will include the bookmark information of each of the merging sources. Currently, there are several reports of PDF file merging failures in CubePDF Utility and CubePDF Page, most of which seem to be caused by the bookmark information. If you encounter such a phenomenon, please consider disabling this item.

The Temp section is the folder where temporary files are created when CubePDF Page performs the merging or splitting process. If the device is located on a different terminal, processing speed may be significantly reduced. In such a case, you can avoid this problem by selecting a working folder in advance. If you do not have any problem with the default settings, leave this field blank.

The Language section allows you to set the display language of the CubePDF Page main window. There are two supported languages: English and Japanese. When Auto is selected as the display language, one of the languages will be automatically selected according to the Windows language setting.

If you enable the Check for updates on startup item, you will be notified in the lower right corner of your computer when the new CubePDF Page version has been released. Checking for updates will be performed when your computer starts up. The information sent to confirm the update is the version number of CubePDF Page, Windows, and .NET.


Version information

The Version tab displays version information for CubePDF Page.